Alright well I'm in a bit of a predicament, the bassist in my band needs a bass amp that we can gig with. We're only going to be playing smaller scale places for now. Once we get some bigger shows he should have the money for a nicer amp. We have 2 guitars, a drummer and a bassist and we play Punk/Alternative style music. He only have $300 to spend tops and we don't have much time for him to save more so keep it at that. I'm a guitar player so I really don't know much about bass amps, so I need some suggestions. Thanks guys
Try out some Hartke stuff

and The Ashdown MAG series will get suggested
"Whats that noise??"

"... Jazz"
Hmmm.. Probably best to find a used 100-200 watt range Peavey combo, like a TKO or Dynamite. Don't think $300 will will take you higher then that though.
^ Peaveys do work well gettin in the mix with their 100/200w 15 combos....

for $349 Acoustic offers a 200w 1x15 thats a good package he will have to max it out to be heard in that mix for $249 you can get the 100w version but that would be best for practice...Acoustic is a brand owned by Guitar Center as far as i can gather they are inexpensive but great quality...

Ashdown offers 100w 1x15 for $239 Solid but will be quiet for your situation, their 180w 1x15 is $379 & would probably fit in better

Stay away from Behringer, terrible quality get what you pay for...

remember 350w is pretty much standard for gettin in the mix with an acoustic drummer in a live situation...also your just out of range save up to around $500+/- and you can get into a live amp....
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