As I'm sure you all know, one could spend years collecting pickups looking for "that" tone. I'm hoping some one here can help me.

Currently I have the SD Jazz and Distortion in my RG1570 but it is not quite what I am looking for. Very close however. The Jazz is surprisingly good but I would like it to have better harmonics and a little more bottom end, thicker, tighter more bass.

As for Distortion i love how it cuts through everything, sounds razar sharp. Harmonics are excellent however I find that it has a wee bit too much distortion and a little too bright for my tastes. I would like it a little cleaner, better bottom end, thicker tighter more bass, slightly less bright.

Now before anyone suggest a JB I have already had one in an ESP and a Jackson and was looking for something more which is why I tried the Distortion. I am open to all suggestions,SD, Dimarzio, Rio Grande etc. For the record I play mostly metal (Metallica, Megadeth, Maiden) Rock (GnR Thin Lizzy, Floyd, Led Zep) Prog (Stratovarious, Tool, Dream Theater) and I'm not opposed to throwing in a little jazz blues or country run. Thanks!
If you're not finding what you're looking for with pickups look at getting a new amp, the effect that pickups have on pure tone is minimal.
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lol, stratovarius is not Prog...

Strato is as prog as anyone out there. They've been doing it longer than most, founded in 1984!!! Around the same time as Queensryche, Fates Warning and long before Dream Theater and you were born. Don't forget that Iron Maiden has delivered many prog moments over the years as well. If you really want to talk prog you will need to go back even further (ELP YES TULL King Crimson Genesis) but I'm not here to give a lesson, I'm here to find the right pickup for me