Hey guys, I'd like to talk about tone (from pedals) today. I'm home sick and tripping on opiods+; so if anything doesn't make sense, that's why.

I'm looking for a really good pedal, or pedals. I'm in love with palm muting for rhythm, so I'd like a "metalcore" style pedal that will be ridiculously fat and chunky. I do not like the high gain "tinny" sounds of hair metal. So, I don't really like my boss metal zone pedal. I've heard really bad things about the BOSS Metalcore pedal.

For leads especially I really like the Euroboy (of Turbonegro) tone from "All My Friends Are Dead" The notes are loud and clear but wholly crunchy.

I've never tried a Metal Muff, but I'm interested. I also have an affinity for the green light "Crunch" Modeling off of my Line 6, and would also like to reproduce that tone in a more adjustable pedal.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Be well.
I would recommend a new amp,but since you're looking for a pedal,check out Rocktron's Silver Dragon or EHX Metal Muff.
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I'm guessing you have a Spider, am I right? If so, I'd try and get a new amp, maybe valve if you want a cruchy tone aswell, they do it better than solid states.

So yeah, I'd start looking for a new amp. Anyways, budget?
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WTF!?!?!? the metalcore by boss is great. i get a good B4MV sound out of it. i loved it and it was through a marshall mg15 lol
i lost faith in pedals. but i liked my boss ds-1 pedal the orange one if i got the model name wrong. i prefer to get my tone from my amp when it come to distortion... but if your amp distortion is bad than i guess you could go to some stores and try some stuff out.
I'm running my LP through a bass amp and cabinet. Ampeg BR2 and Peavy 410TJC(something like that).
i actually never heard a distortion pedal i actually liked every aspect of. there's always just something off about them.. i'm a true fan of amp distortion, but i'm considering building myself a quad gain stage mosfet boost pedal. i've heard mosfets model the gain from tubes better than opamps and diodes because they are both linear (like transistors) and infinite (like tubes, harder you push, more gain you get)

since most pedals have a dual opamp you get a lot of hard clipping all at once, which causes a lot of fuzz and high overtones, but tubes have multiple stages that soft clip which causes it to break up slowly and increase the harder it's pushed. also, i've heard mosfets have the most dynamic response to picking/playing style and truly allow the tone of the guitar to shine through because the over tones are clustered around the root note instead of all over the spectrum.

i'll have to check it out on some bread board sometime soon
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WTF!?!?!? the metalcore by boss is great. i get a good B4MV sound out of it. i loved it and it was through a marshall mg15 lol

Anyway... Get a new amp, but if you must get a pedal I'll second the Rocktron Silver Dragon, I have one and they work great. Be forewarned that you'll get more benefit out of a new amp though...
EDIT: Not running through the Spider? Ok, bass amp with MOSFET circuitry... ok you're in the clear there. New amp isn't as important, though you may still want a tube amp in the future but you can get some sweet tones from guitars running through bass amps. I still recommend the Dragon.
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Just read up on Silver Dragon, seems really reliable, but random reviews are also mentioning a lack of "roar" or bass response. I like to feel the chunk in my chest cavity. For real. How does the SD compare to Metal Muff? Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to check out that tube pedal too, sounds interesting.
It is a little light on the chunk, but if you adjust the amp controls accordingly it's all good. I do get good bass response out of it normally, it's just not the crushing bass you might be looking for without some help from the amp. Your amp in particular should alleviate that problem. It's definitely reliable, the tube is tricky to access if you want to change it out for tonal purposes though. Don't worry about it burning out, at that wattage it'll last forever. The Metal Muff probably has more chunk but I have no experience with it.
EDIT: Also, ignore the sound clips on GC for the Dragon, they don't sound anything like it.
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I turn my gain up all the way on my head and still no distortion. Maybe a guitar amp would produce a different effect....
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I turn my gain up all the way on my head and still no distortion. Maybe a guitar amp would produce a different effect....

I've actually only played one bass amp, and it was an old fender I used to play my guitar with when I didn't have an amp big enough for performances with my schools Jazz band, so I know nothing of bass amp distortion

But I can tell you atleast my guitar amp has some really nasty distortion to it. Almost too much for me. I don't really even need to run a pedal, but I do like the metal muff. If you're willing to shell out the extra cash, the new Steve Vai pedal (Jemini, I think) is absolutely sick. It's a distortion and overdrive (two pedal setup), and it screams.

But I'd say an actual guitar amp would probably work well, especially a tube amp.