i was wondering if its worth saving up more for the rg 1527, or save 150 pound on the s7320, which has the better neck etc, i know that i'd have to replace the pickups
cheers for any advice
Is there any chance of you trying out either guitar?

The general thing is, is that Prestige Ibanez guitars (which the RG1527 is) is made in Japan and has a higher level of quality than the Korean S7320. The S7320 also only has 22 frets, which you may find annoying if you're one of the guys who needs 24 frets. Bear in mind, you get a free hardcase with your RG1527, considering you may have to buy a case for the S7320.

My friend owns a S7320 and it's a good guitar; the neck is slim, the B string is nice and tight and general good craftmanship. I've yet to try it properly (through an amp and testing the settings) but it seems like a good guitar. The ZR7 trem holds pretty well and is incredibly smooth.

I've played the RG1527 and it's a great guitar; I'm quite used to RG guitars so I am rather biased about it. Personally, I prefer the neck dimensions of the RG and the guitar itself is rather versatile.