Is it a good pedal or just good for making weird noises that i'll never use. And yes I am a Muse fan. So UG is this pedal good enough that i should sell my noel gallagher jacket?
I've never played one myself but it looks like a great pedal. I am a Muse fan myself and I thought it was just good for making Matt's Plug in Baby effects, but I've seen some demos and he actually never really uses it to its full potential. That pedal can do a lot. The tone is great and the wackyness is just crazy. As for selling your Noel Gallagher jacket... Don't just save up instead (I'm also a huge Oasis fan so I wouldn't sell that if I were you)
i would sell the jacket... I don't know about the pedal i'm just saying sell the jacket
Keep the jacket and save for the pedal. The best fuzz I've ever played, you won't get more anywhere else.
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I have a fuzz probe, it's pretty fun and I like it.

Fuzz factory is definitely good, but unless you plan on using it in gigs I wouldn't get the fuzz probe.
Hell yeah, I still want one =[