is it me or is blue oyster cult one of the most under-rated bands in the world, Buck Dharma definitely is under-rated seeing he is never on any list or anything
Does anyone Know What "Blue Oyster Cult" Means?
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my mate recomended this band to me, what are they like? could you recomend me some of their best songs. cheers.
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Just get their first album and be amazed
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Honestly if their songs are still remembered and considered significant in the rock world, they aren't underrated. It's been over 30 years since their heyday and they are still selling out venues.

I like 'em though. They've got a very cool sound that's all their own.
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Does anyone Know What "Blue Oyster Cult" Means?

It was based on a story that the bands producer had come up with. The cult of blue oysters were aliens. The bands original name was Soft White Underbelly.
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