So here is the deal. I've become an official dealer of Klotz cable and it's well known among tone snobs that Klotz La Grange instrument cables are arguably the best instrument cables ever made.

I’m selling bulk so you can build your own leads, and I’m selling premade cables in any size you want.

Bulk wire will be sold for $3.00, £1.50, or €2.65 per foot (pick your currency)

Premade cables will cost $10.00, £5.00, or €6.55 for the 1st foot and $3.00, £1.50, or €2.65 each additional foot. That puts a 10ft cable costing you $37.00. That is LESS THAN HALF the price you would pay for exactly the same 10ft cable from Kendrick (the only US distributor for La Grange cable. You will find other US Klotz dealers but not for the La Grange cable)

Shipping will be the actual shipping cost! Just to give you an idea, a 10ft cable sent to the USA will cost about $12.00 which just so happens to be the exact price you would pay in you ordered the exact same cables from Kendrick in the USA!

In the UK shipping is about £3.00 for a 10 foot cable and shipping to most of Europe is about £5.00 shipping.

I’m only selling 200 Feet at this price. After that it’s going on my website at full retail but I wanted to offer UG a deal before putting it online.
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Quote by Guitar Player magazine
The sky's the limit when it comes to how much you can spend on a high-end cable, but the German made Klotz guitar leads imported by American distributor Kendrick Amplifiers deliver top-notch performance without taking a huge whack out of your wallet. Featuring smooth outer jackets to resist knotting, low capacitance conductors to ensure your tones stay bright and pure, mad strain-relieved connectors to keep 'em working reliably, Klotz cables are a no-brainer for anyone who wants as little as possible coming between their guitar and amp.

We tested the 10' LaGrange model ($49 direct) with a variety of guitars and amps, and found it to be one of the clearest and most coherent sounding cables we've tried--not surprising considering its low total capacitance (cable + connectors) of 225pf. Notes spring from the speakers sounding focused and aligned, and the note detail and top-to-bottom balance is extraordinary. The LaGrange even brings out a little extra beefiness in the low--end which is truly the mark of a cable that's revealing all the sonic goodies your guitar has to offer.

Pros: Exceptional clarity, focus, and Detail. Doesn't twist up.

Cons: None.

For those who have not heard of them.
Hi do you sell the jacks to make them as well?
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Yeah, The cost of the jack will depend on what jack you want though. Top of the line Neutrik
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Oops, I clicked the wrong button. Top of the line Neutrik jacks cost about 6 times as much as normal jacks. I'll have to get prices for the jacks later tonight.
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Details about jacks

All these jacks are sold by Klotz and have their seal of approval. They are all top quality but like most things, brand names tend to drive prices way up so when you buy a brand name product you pay for more for the name than you do for the product. I do get a good deal on the standard jacks which is part of the reason I can offer them so much cheaper. I don’t get a good deal on the Neutrik jacks so if you want those you may be better off getting them somewhere online but I’ll offer them up anyway just to keep things simple for you guys.

Standard Nickel $1.05, £0.60, €0.75 each
Standard Gold $1.80, £1.00, €1.25 each

Neutrik Silent straight jacks $10.58, £5.95, €7.50 each
Neutrik Silent 90degree jacks temporarily unavailable

Neutrik NP2X (straight) $4.23, £2.40, €3.00
Neutrik NPRCS (90 Degree) $5.70, £3.15, €3.95

The standard jacks are better than the low end Neutrik jacks that cost 4 times as much. The standard jacks use metal shielding over the jacks connections which stop some background noise. The run of the mill Neutrik jacks use plastic which doesn’t shield noise.

Top of the line “silent” Neutrik jacks are cool because when you unplug and plug in again they stop that “pop” noise that you get. I guess that is important for some gigging musicians but for most of us it doesn’t really matter.

As far as gold vs nickel… You are limited by the jack in your amp. Chances are, your amp is using a nickel contact which means you will only sound as good as a nickel contact. Getting a gold contact looks cool but it’s not going to help you sound better unless you change the jacks in your amp to gold too.

So to sum it all up, I can offer cheap, middle of the road, and expensive jacks. The cheap ones are better in terms of tone than the middle of the road and the expensive ones don’t sound better, they just have the cool no popping feature.

On the premade cables I sell I will be using the standard nickel jacks unless you specify otherwise. If you want something special the difference in cost will only be the difference in price listed above. For example, if you want 90 degree angle nickel jacks then the price will go up $9.30 because that is how much more expensive the 90 degree angle jacks are.
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