Recommend me a song to record please!

In music tech I will soon be recording my piece. It has to have over 8 tracks (so maybe 2 mics on guitar, 3 vocal tracks, etc.)

However, we aren't allowed to record drums as apparently it's too complicated and stuff, so I need song ideas which have a lot of tracks but no drums!

I can do bongos, agogo bells and whatever else I want though, so some Santana would be fine for example.

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why not just get a backing track of a song, then put it in?

We have to do every single bit of the recording ourselves. We can use a drum track, but we'd have to record the individual samples ourselves.
Why can't you record drums? Do those first then mix it down to one channel. You could record just about any song.
Because a lot more things can go wrong with drums than other instruments as you've got so many things on 2 tracks (the overheads + another track for bass drum). If one drum or cymbal sounds a bit sh!t it's hard to really change it, like eqing it or compressing it, without messing around with all the drums at once.

We have to do the whole song recording and mixing process in 20 hours, so I guess they just want us to spend the time getting on with it, rather than worrying about the drums messing up. Thanks for the replies guys. I just need to keep looking around for songs that would be perfect.
Vivaldi - Four Seasons. Close thread.

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Why not do some guitar with some orchestral strings version of Hey Joe. With a crunchy sounding guitar solo, not overdriven, but not clean. That would be ace. Hey Joe is one of the only Hendrix songs that isn't really that 'weird', if you get me.

Maybe that or some other acoustic, folky song.
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