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I'm really surprised. It's the 2nd and I still managed to get BOTM. You guys are slow.

Now you have to listen to crust. mwaahahahahhaha

They're pretty unique though. They even throw in a bit of ska.

Anyway, this band comes to mind since I'm seeing them tonight and tomorrow.

On their website, they actually have download links for all their music but the links aren't working right now. Perhaps when I see them tonight, I will tell them about megaupload. Until then, I will pick up their CD and post a download link for all y'all. I think that's fair and legal, since they (attempt to) post the links on the site anyway.
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Go sargasm, you're supporting my music collection by teaching the world about Megaupload.
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Definitely not bad, I'm not a crust fan, but I enjoy this.
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I'm definitely not hating it.
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1977 and we are going mad
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Tonight i told them they should use megaupload to upload their albums.

So hopefully they'll upload their musics soon via. more modern methods.

Either way, they rocked tonight and I'm seeing them again tomorrow so I'm stoked. Time to go to bed though so I can get enough sleep to drive to edmonton to check out that show.