the problem i have is that the headstock on these things are plain ugly, lucky for me the guy who sold me a kerry king v decided to let his dad stamp it off in one of they're many lovers tiffs. although i would like to try to find a replacement id rather it wasnt an actual bc rich neck. mind you the fret board has no dots so it looked rather rad-icular.

would anybody be able to help me on what necks can be used as a replacement? i found a cheap gibson replica neck on axesrus.com but ive been thinking i may need to order one from warmoth or such. any help is apreciated. im just stuck on whether it needs to be a certain size or not.
Take a measuring tape and measure between the nut and the 12th fret (or right to the bridge). Multiply it by 2 and it will give you the scale length. I think it should be 25 1/2" but check just to make sure. Then take the neck off and measure the heel of it. it should be like 2 1/2 x 3" or something like that.... Its different on different models, I'm not that familiar with this particular one

Then check around and find one that is the right scale length and the right neck pocket.

The other thing to watch for is the heel shape. This is most famous with the strat and tele necks. The strat has a rounded heel and the tele has a flatter heel. If it doesn't match it can throw off your intonation.

If you ask warmoth or stewmac or any of those companies they can make sure you get what you need. You could allways go with a paddle headstock and design your own .

Hope that helps some. Good luck.