Its pretty 80s. i thought your lyrics we coming from a christian veiw untill i read "God wants us to kill".

Intro: hard hitting, allthough it sounds abit off. it may just be GP. that fill in bar 8 is soooo good. however i think it would sound better without the harmony (just that fill).

Verse : pretty sweet rythm and the lead fits perfectly, the double kick behind the verse sounds bad ass.

Break: Groovy as man, i couldnt help but nod my head along (and its 5:30 am and im tired as so that must mean somthing, ha).

Melody: sounded weird without a chugy guitar behind it but again thats probly GP.

Solo: i liked how the solo and rythm played the same thing at points. the solo itself wasnt that impressive and im not just saying that cause it wasnt overly tech. i just mean it could be more interesting. the second solo was alot better.

Ive added a edited gp file. i think the bit just before the end would be better like this.

ive edited bars 184 - 187 (just 187) and then i added 4 bars of guitars ringing out. you'll see for your self.

In all honest. there is alot of 80s influenced songs on here but this one is actually probably the best one ive heard. but i do think you should rethink that first solo.

Good stuff man, keep it up
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