I have this body and I was going to make something out of it but then I realized its not going to be the style I am looking for in my next guitar.

The body is an Ash body with a maple top. Back has some scratches, there is some filler around the top strap pin but its a very pretty body.

Problem is, the body is supposedly sonically dead but it would work great with EMGs. It is routed for a Floyd Rose.

All I want is a Fender or Warmoth Strat body, I don't care if its a MIM Strat body or whatever as long as all Fender parts fit on it.

Body must be Olympic White, Sonic Blue, Delphine Blue or maybe another color but it has to be something interesting. I dont care if the body has a few dings. If its a hardtail body its even better. I will consider any interesting body.

This is made from good wood in the USA, no idea why it doesn't sustain like it should. But ideally all I want is a MIM Strat body in Sonic Blue
the sustain might be bad because its routed for a floyd
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Quote by RATM62592
the sustain might be bad because its routed for a floyd

It could be. Might have just been the pickups too. Either way, it has the potential to be an awesome guitar
Any relic/used looking body would be considered, I would even take a Squire body if it is from one of the higher end Squires.

Really, just any interesting body for a retro looking guitar is all I want