This is my new guitar that i got just yesterday.
I got it from guitar works and it cost me 450 pounds
And its worth every penny
Its got a maple fretboard
With a lfr and seymor duncan jb and 59
Here are a few pics of her

what do you guys think?
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im getting a jackson rr3 at christmas...hopefully..

have fun with it, and yes i mean that in a sexual way!
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Aww man that is sick! wouldn't mind having a blast on that beast I have a jackson warrior XT that i got for 370. They are good guitars just gay that for the weird shapes like mine the bags are hard to get!
Play until your fingers bleed!! \m/
looks sweet!!
not too keen on the maple fretboard, but its sure killer!
nice buy
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Looks sweet, I prefer (purely aesthetically) the rosewood fingerboard models, though maybe that wouldn't look so good with a white finish...

Either way, it's a kick-ass guitar, enjoy man.
Awesome guitar ! I was once inlove with that one, but I'm more a Strat man

Awesome stuff
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DK2M are nice congrats!
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i was gonna get a dk but i kinda lost interest in it im a rhoads guy now
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to the guy that wants one i would seriously consider one of these bad boys
they play and look beautiful the duncans with give you the punch that you would want.
i play metal it does the job 2 times over brilliant guitar
if any of you guys need any info on this guitar dont hesitate to pm me.
my gear:
jackson dk2m
ibanez grg170dx.
peavey vyper 15
warwick corvette 5 string
ashdown 5 15