Hello All,

I have 3 months experience. I learned a bunch of easy songs and now I felt the need to challenge myself, so I went from Californiacation -> Under the Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers. I got the intro down, fairly easy, but the verses are chord-heavy and they frustrate me very easily. So my question is; should I just take it easy, focus more on playing it while implementing more technique-time and come back to it later, or just play until I get the song down?

I've been wanting to play it and its become an obsession, and instead of doing my exercises and learning new techniques and stuff, all I do after warming up and a few chromatics is just straight up trying to learn the song and play it. I dont think its a smart thing to do to just focus on one song but I cant help it.

Most of my practice now has been coming from learning songs from GP tabs. Should I just reduce that, and try to learn more techniques and become more familiar with the guitar?
Play until you get it down, then move on. Starting a pattern of 'it's too hard, I'll quit and do something else' is never a good habit to get into.
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yeah don't beat yourself up about it, after all you've only been playing for 3 months and if you're pleased with your progress then good for you. Bear in mind it takes quite a long time to get really comfortable on guitar so just stick at it and remember to have fun. Chords shapes (like everything on guitar) get easier with time, best advice just keep practicing.
^ yeah, you're making excellent progress. Don't let it get you down. If you can get down perfect at half speed, then just play around with it and improvise a bit every day for 15 minutes, you'll have the whole thing at full speed and some original fills at 6 months.