Alright, I was wondering if you guys might be able to help me out in learning piano in a fun sort of way. For example, I learned guitar mostly just by reading tabs. Is there anything like that for piano? What songs would you recommend and where do you think I could find some free sheet music?
i feel like i posted this exact question like 4 days ago...and got a bunch of responses
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Piano tabs are horribly impractical, or the few that exist are at least

Just learn too read music. Itll take a long time to do it fluidly (years), but its a life skill in music. And any serious musician should at least learn to read basic sheet music.

If you dont, its like being a speaker that can read
Get some classical lessons, thats what I did. I'm actually better at keyboard than at guitar! I play lots of DT stuff now. You could also learn easy-ish piano songs by ear.

But theres nothing like getting a real teacher. Srsly.