hey, im a guitarist (mainly rythym) and ive been playing for a couple of years now, i want to start a band now. im 15 in febuary (so im in year 10) and looking for mainly a bassist,vocalist and another guitarist. i have a drummer who may be good but we would have to see about that.

i live in the clapham / wandsworth / battersea area (by the northcote road/wandsworth common) and we would probably go to the unit 9 rehearsing studio to play (unless you know of a better one!)

i listen to quite a lot of music, but basically all kinds of rock, stuff like pearl jam, alice in chains, velvet revolver, ac/dc, stevie ray vaughan, pink floyd, foo fighters, black stone cherry, pantera, slayer (all though i dont really want to play metal all that much a little bit here and there wld be cool if everyone wants to)

my email/msn is c.h.i.p.p@hotmail.co.uk (yes it does have 2 p's!!)

either way is good for me

thanks guys, sorry its a bit long winded
I live in west london..

And i'm 14 and i'm decent at bass but i'm pretty experienced on the guitar.
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