okayy so im learning boys like girls- thunder.
i got that tabs down and all, its tuned right, but im having a problem strumming, i just doesnt sound like the way they do it, and yes ihave listened to the acoustic version many many times. and it doesnt sound right, if any one has any suggestions please help. it would be most appreciated:]

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yes, i am a girl.
learn a song that doesn't suck?
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that wasnt needed, i dont care for the song its something my sister asked me to do, but never the less i need help with it.

ill never falter.ill stand my ground.

yes, i am a girl.
she's here to be helped not to get flamed you sad, sad, pathetic little man

Sry can't help you with the sturmming part :S
I just looked this song but, It does suck.
But the strumming seems simple, just play along with the song a few times, it shouldn't be too hard to get it right after a few tries
you have to practice along with the song, thats how i did it when i started, so you get that pattern into your hand,write it down as arrows(sorry i dont know the song to do that)and try to do the pattern with your left hand resting on the strings, not getting any sound.if youre doing that right, then go on and play the chords

EDIT: listening a bit to the song it just plain up and down rhythm , could be a bit hard to make that sound good cause its a bit fast,THOUGH i dont actually know your level :P:
so anyway, you need a pretty soft pick.
That reminds me of my cupboard skeletons...ugh..green day - give me novocaine
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