i know nothing about acoustics and was looking around and found this

it looks cool but for that money im pretty sure it will be bad, and its got a locking nut ? wtf :S wont that cause lots of problems

what are your thoughts ?

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That's the first locking nut i've ever seen on acoustic... Anyway... don't even bother with this thing. Looks good but will probably and most likely sound like crap. If you only have about £100 to spend then look into some Yamahas. Great guitars for a low price.
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Personally i'd say that looks horrible - Matter of opinion i guess, sorry i cant really offer advice just passing annoying comments
It has a nice look but I wouldn't buy it before trying it.

Anyways, i was a 5-year electric only player, and since I've started listening to Jack Johnson, I'm near strictly an acoustic player (only electric with my band.)

It's worth putting alot of money into an acoustic because you're guaranteed to fall in love with it. My Yamaha LL500 cost me 900 (used), which was over my expected price for an acoustic, but when i played it, I couldn't resist!
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