Nice sound, guys. You remind me of me and my brother, except a year younger and you write pop (we have a guitarist to do that for us). Also, you two are pretty (in a non-gay way).

It sounds very well produced and mixed, but I think there's something missing in the mastering process. It sounds like you've just had a quick loud master done to get it out (although there's less clipping than some I've heard).

A song has some very interesting ideas and sounds, but I think it's a little long and the EQ mix is a little harsh on the ears in parts. Having said that, it did keep me relatively interested throughout the whole 8 minutes.

Ooh, is that pitch correcter on Pick up intentional? It has to be. Either way I hate it. The song was going well until that bit. Sorry, that vocoder shit is one of my pet peeves. It is so overused in all kinds of music. Not to mention that I don't really like the rest of the song after it kicks in. I just like that little guitar drum thing at the start and end.

Somewhere to Belong is a little meh for me. Hats are a little quiet. The piano is probably the best part of this song. I can imagine this as a solo piano and vocal song for some reason. Also some noticeable correction on the vocals (although I suspect a little less intentional).

Two Weeks starts well. I think overall it is the best song on your myspace. I could have this as a guilty listening pleasure. It sounds more raw vocally, less processed. I can hear Josh actually has a voice when it's not buried in fancy trickery. I like the balance balance between the lead and backing vocals. I'm liking this keys/choral section, and it's a nice way to finish the song.

You guys are actually quite good, but I see that producing your own stuff has kept you isolated and I think it took some perspective away (says me who engineered and produced, now will mix and master his band's first EP).

Anyway, I hope the feedback was useful to you, and that perhaps you'll be as honest and generous with your time when I put our EP up for crit on UG in 1 1/2 months.
Very nice man!

Seriously, you are one of the few people on this site that I could imagine actually getting a record deal. You have the looks, the skill, and most importantly, musical passion.

Good luck to you
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Wow thanks for the crit man, very helpful. I'll definitely crit your stuff when it becomes available. Thanks again

No worries, as an aspiring producer I just want to listen and analyze music and think about ideas and stuff, and I'm happy to try and help out anyone.

I'll let you know for sure when I finish the songs.

Good luck.
you guys are awesome... loving the flange on 'a song'

it sounds professionally recorded, and you definitely have a tact for knowing the current market. i wish you guys all the best, and are more than worthy of that 'ever eminent record deal'