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24 52%
Uncooked Batter
22 48%
Voters: 46.
Just wondering what does UG like more cookies that have been in the oven or just uncooked dough?

PS: Anyone who votes uncooked will get 1,000,000 imaginary rewards points to use at your nearest airport. Take a trip to Hawaii or something.
Obviously Fassa.
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uncooked if not too much

cooked .. always


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People like uncooked because its soft and delicious. If you know how to cook them right they come out soft and warm and are waaay better. Otherwise you may be stuck with a hockey puck.
Uncooked... in moderation. Sometimes if you eat too much of that stuff, you get to see it again.
maybe if you had a
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It's always the best when it's cooked, fresh out of the oven, where the middle is all gooey with molten chocolate chips.

Hiaawww maaaan.....*drooool*
Batter is cold and disgusting, merely a culmination of the ingredients required to make cookies. Why put all the work into it to eat it raw and cold when you can have warm and chewy (or crispy)?
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