I'm currently searching for a bass that fits into these catagories, does anyone have any suggestions??

- Musn't cost more that about £250
- Should sound good in a rock band
- Should be light
- Should look good
- Should be strong and durable
- Must be able to serve me for some considerable ammount of time.
- Must play well live

At the moment I have a very heavy Aria pro II that kills my neck and a Johnson copy of a Fender P Bass that is a bit plasticy. =P

Any help will be grately appriciated =]

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ahh... there was one laguna that had a built in distortion and played really well.... damn i wish i could remember, id buy it myself if i had enough

there's Me^
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This is a pretty good deal if you can buy from eBay...


I would say Epiphone Thunderbird IV but I don't want to get killed.

Maybe a Squier P Bass or even a Fender Standard P Bass from the link below...

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lol thats my semi old ibanez that i use on some gigs, same color and everything

Well there you go, lol.

Do you recommend it?
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Basses in that price range that I have played and liked are Ibanez GSR200 and Squier Vintage Modified Jazz. I won the latter and love it!
indeed. a used SRX, new bottom end SRX, GSR anything, all of these sound very fitting. I own the GSR200, and you may see how much I liked mine.
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