Alright, here's the deal in a nut shell. I've until recently never actually been able to play a six string bass. I went over to my friends house yesterday to jam and he let me play on his six string Peavey Grind. I have to say the feel of a six string, although very different was about X100 more comfortable to me than any four stringer I've ever played. I've been looking at a Spector Legend 5 for some time but haven't gotten to try it yet. I've played a 4 string Spector and it felt good to me, so my question is how does the Spector Legend 5 compare to the 6. How do most fivers compare against sixers, and if you have any other suggestions for basses let me know. I play anything from metal to funk.
i have a Washburn BB-6, its great, can be used for pretty much anything!
the only problem i have with it is that i dont know much to use the C string for, but when i focus & make a decent song that wont be a problem anymore
I also play anything from metal to funk and have got the Peavey Grind six string bass. I really enjoy it. There are alot of Primus songs that I can play on this bass while it was actually harder to play on a four string. The tone is pretty good considering how old my strings are.

I'm glad I got the six string bass instead of the five becasue it gives alot more diversity becasue of the extra notes associated with the extra string. Hell, if you want to you could even turn it into a lower octave guitar.
Do you use a BR-600?
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They only 6 string I've ever played, was a EBMM Bongo 6-String. The one with the two humbucker pickups.

I loved it.

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They only 6 string I've ever played, was a EBMM Bongo 6-String. The one with the two humbucker pickups.

I loved it.

Well it is a bongo.
Well I've always mainly played 4 stringers, but my hand would always get cramps from being so scrunched up so I always thought my technique was bad, but the six stringer was so much more natural feeling. I like the chunky necks, lol, but my experiences with fivers are minimal. How do they compare?
The six string has tighter spacing between the strings than a four or five sting, so I'm not sure if it will fix hand cramps, but it has a much wider neck. It's a little harder to reach down and fret the low b string, so it's a question of whether you feel you would use the B or the C string more. I personally went with the six string, as I don't really use the low B, but it's your personal choice.
I've heard much good about both basses, but never tried either. If you love spectors, get one. you won't be disappointed. My teacher (very much a warwick fanboy sort-of-kind-of elitist) absolutely loves it. I've only ever played one 6er. I can't remember the company or anything. It was in a used guitar store near my school. I personally prefer 4s and 5s, but that's just me. as for string spacing, 5s and 6s usually have about the same. 6 strings are very versatile, and the high c is especially good for soloing, etc. This is probably why (as was stated above,) Les Claypool uses one a lot (and about the genre's you gave, Primus is the best place where they intersect IMO )
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