Hey guys.

I'm trying to get rid of my Carvin V3 4x12 which will be replaced by a V3 2x12. I want to do this because i am sick of lugging my amp back and forth from practice and constantly having to move it. I live in a two-story house now and the staircase is kinda screwy making it hard to lug my stuff around. With a combo, it will be perfect and i will only have to make 2 trips from the car to the practice room. Now, onto the V3.

I bought this amp about 2 or 3 years ago now in perfect working order. A few months ago, the tubes blew taking a few circuits with it (there is a thread on here showing what happened). I paid the $250 to Carvin to have them replace everything internally and give me brand new tubes (power tubes and pre-amp). The new tubes are Groove Tubes and they sound fantastic. I also have the FS44 foot switch that was sold separately at the time, allowing you to kick in a nice boost as well as change channels, and the cover which was sold separately. Everything is in perfect working order.

I just wanted to comment that you cannot find an amp with so much versatility at such a cheap price. Carvin makes great products and stands behind them. I am asking $1100 for everything, or a possible trade for a V3 2x12.

I will not trade for anything else.

I only have one picture on my computer, but PM me about more pictures and i will get more up. PM me in general for any questions. Thanks for looking!

Read about it here at Carvin: