I have an Kustom amp which I got free with my first guitar which was bought at Tesco, I know, I know, anyway, the amp is a solid state (I think) practice amp and after very little use, it just stopped working, well what I mean is that the power turns on, you can hear that the amp is on because you get that background sound, however, when I am playing guitar, I am hearing nothing, I used other guitars, other leads, fixed and checked any problems with input jack of the guitar and amp but still no luck, does anybody know what the problem is please?
I have a kustom amp too. I had this same problem two months ago. solutiion= stop jerking off in to the speaker. hope that helps.
TS: Which model Kustom is it? That might help.
Kustom makes a couple hybrid amps, if that's what you have it may just be a dead preamp tube.