Any band or artist, really. I just want to know how you guys come up with riffs and songs when you're trying to write like a particular band?

I'm not saying I want to write songs that just sound like a "part 2" to whatever. But shouldn't you work on trying to work in that style for a while, and then try to get your own unique song style after you've perfected writing copycat songs in that style?

I always listen to Opeth and try to study when they introduce new riffs, when they bring in vocals, the style of riffing, but.. When I try to write even a ripoff song, I can't do it. My riffs always end up bland and don't even sound close. Is there a technique you guys use for imitating the way a band writes?
I've never tried to write 'like a particular band.' I've always thought it was way more important to find my own style.

Even when you do a cover, you should do it your way.

In my opinion.
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