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8 13%
37 62%
LP Prophecy.
14 23%
Voters: 60.
So i fancy a les paul shape guitar.

I've narrowed it down to three choices in my price range:



Epiphone Les Paul Prophecy w/ EMG's.

Opinions? I play metal.
Save up for a Gibson Studio and put in your favourite metal pickup. You'll basicly get a 100 times better version of the Prophecy and it will sound better as the LTDs with their thin bodys...
hmm, Epiphone aren't relly known to make great metal axes, whereas LTD...


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all great choices.

the satin neck on the prophecy is very nice... but the LTD 1000 is legit as hell.

you can't go wrong with any of them
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I'm thinking about this too, I want to get the ec-1000 but I don't like the binding on the neck, waaay to much for me. they're all good guitars though.
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If you can support the abalone thing.. Go for the EC1000.

I can't stand it. So I got an Eclipse II. But if you don't have the money for it, there's still two models of EC1000 that don't have any crap abalone on them.