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6 50%
2 17%
Sometimes I eat bacon with syrup
4 33%
Voters: 12.
This thread begins at the start of this week. While in jazz band my friend and i were playing guitar, mine being an electric his being classical. This escalated to him naming spanish guitar terms and then being angry when i couldn't get them right. Besides his asshattery, we started comparing the aspects of each guitar so basically which would you rather hear/play?

(tell me if this is to much of a vs thread or it should go else where and it shall me moved/deleted as needed)
Probably electric, I enjoy classical guitar but.. I just find there is more you can do on an electric.
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electric, preferably.

but, on an even MORE serious note, syrup with bacon is awesome. I should know, I'm Canadian, we have the best maple syrup

I enjoy it with a glass of milk, that I poured from the bag...
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