Hi all. Recently the AC adapter for my Boss BCB-60 pedal board disappeared someplace. I've been trying to find a replacement for it; the Boss PSA-120 looks viable except for the fact that the BCB-60's original supply was rated at 1 amp of current according to everything I've read, and the PSA-120 is rated at half an amp. Then, I saw a reference to a Boss PSA-230 which was said to be the original power supply type, but the only places I could find to buy it are in the UK. Can someone who knows clarify which is which, what works where, and where I can get whichever one is right? Thanks.
I just realized: the Visual Sound 1 spot is compatible in terms of plugs with the BCB-60, and it produces even more current than is needed. Does anyone know if there is any issue with using a 1-spot in place of the typical Boss power supply? Boss calls their plug a "AC adapter" where as the 1 spot is a "DC adapter," but as I understand it they both do the same thing.