Anyone know how to get one? Ive been trying to break into the business and I have no clue how to go about it.
The roadie business??

Just go to a club where bands play and ask the venue owner or a band that's there?
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Try to meet as many touring musicians as possible, become friends with them, and then offer your services.
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but ya just start sucking up to a band u know and you might get lucky
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Learn how to spell roadie first ://
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but ya just start sucking a band u know and you might get lucky

Get down to the local studio and get a job, even if its really shitty (the studio or the job), both ways you can get into contact with bands. Why you would want to carry around people things is beyond me.
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buy a van, offer your services to a local band (being friends with them beforehand would be ideal) and hope they make it big. :P

Wouldn't hurt to pickup a few qualifications and know how regarding scaffolding, forklifts, audio setups, guitar/drums/insturment setups etc. on the way.

In australia they have a few companies that employ you and train you up as a stagehand. It's not a roadie in that you're not really attached to any band, but you do get to help setup the big festivals like big day out (but it also includes non-music focused events...like a sporting grand final day).

Or as mentioned earlier, you could get a job at the local studio, learn the ropes there and make friends with upcoming bands.