Our singer is playing through a line 6 spider. It's not loud enough. Will a PA system fix this problem? What will the PA system do? Please tell me a little about them. Thanks a ton !
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Yeah, you mic up all your instruments (except maybe drums in small places) to the PA, then use the PA mixer to balance the volumes so everything can be heard clearly.
Basically several large speakers, and a main board where each input can be adjusted..the singer should be plugged straight into the mainboard, and maybe mics put on the guitar amps and drums, so that the volume of each can be tweaked constantly to make sure one instrument isn't drowning out anything else
wait wait woah waoh stop the presses, your SINGER is SINGING through a spider?!?!?

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That PA only has 4 inputs for mics which may not be enough for a whole band. Vocalist, Lead, Rhythm, Bass - There's four mics right there which leaves none left for either drums or backup vocals or whatever.

I think that PA is 100W, so it should be plenty loud enough to be heard over drums.

What if we're too poor for that :X

Don't get a Marshal MG... That poster was being a smart ass ;P
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this PA will barely be loud enough for rehersal, because feedback occurs at mid levels, when it happens on a guitar amp its not a problem but its common to have a 200watt PA in rehersal rooms feedback constantly.