Hey guys...
been playing guitar 2 almost 3 years and now Im getting a serious ax.

either getting this dean

or this ibanez s prestige

I was at the guitar store, walking around and no guitar screamed at me.. then my buddy saw the dean and i played it and was amazing. full tone, over 20 second sustain. and was a great guitar.

but i wanted an ibanez s
so i ask the store to order it up and im going to try it out once they get it......

I played a Ibanez gem and it was Amazing best guitar ive ever played,,,, that dean was close to it though.... Nicest clearist harmonic ever.

So im wondering what people here have to say about the ibanez s 5470 or any in the family...... are they worthy of the Gem guitar family,,, or should i just get the dean. It was sick....
my current ax is an ibanez sz720 qm sick guit,, but i want a 2nd guitar so when any buddy comes over we can just jam....
I saw MAB in person and he played that very same guitar, the Dean MAB1. He played the sh1t out of it, but it does seem to be geared towards more hard/metal stuff, however he played awesome hard rock stuff, not necesarilly very heavy metal stuff.

That being I'd get the Ibanez cause I like the way it looks far more than the MAB1. The MAB1 is a great guitar, but I hate the paintjob on it.
my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps

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Make sure to clean and oil the ball bearings on the ZR tremolo regularly or you'll ruin it.
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how often is regularly,,,, like every 6 months.... im pretty lazy with my guitar..... just strings when its dead,,,,

is it hard. ****.... i want whammy bar,,,, but do i want whammy bar problems