My friend and i recently started a band and were both 14 and wanted to be in a serious band
im the guitarist/singer and hes the drummer
so we agreed every thursday we would practice for at least 2 hours
ive been ready for every practice and ive been writing songs and riffs but my drummer never even seems like he's interested in coming to practice
any tips on getting his ass over here
cause he's the only good drummer thats not a hardcore drummer in my school and hes cool and all
he just wont come to practice
advice please
dont call it practice, just call it jamming until you have a foundation to start practicing on, and once he gets into it, you can get a nice project going.
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dont call it practice, just call it jamming until you have a foundation to start practicing on, and once he gets into it, you can get a nice project going.

this is good

your lucky to even have practices my drummer is busy nearly everday of the week with racing
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It's good for the economy.

Y'know, it could just be a transport problem. Drummers tend to have a lot more gear to carry than a guitarist, bassist or a singer.
When I'm arranging a rehearsal place for any project I'm involved in, I always try to arrange a place that has either a storage facility for keeping the kit there or has an 'in house' kit that will already be set up that our drummer could use.
This really makes things much easier.
Yeah thats what I do cuz it seems like when you call it practice it puts a strict, hold back-ish touch on it, so when you call it jammin it kinda loosens the band members up and makes them like willing to do it.
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Are you sure he wants it to be serious as well or is that just you? If you're both serious he should really be getting his ass down there... or maybe Thursday's a bad day (cause of school?). Try Saturdays or something, thats what my band did and still does (been going for like 2 years)
Why don't you practice at his house?

I find it much easier to practice where the drummers situated, otherwise it becomes a hassle.
That's what sucks about being young and trying to start a band. No one is serious about except you. I'm lucky to have a drummer who cares. Start looking for other people in the mean time, but just jam. That's what my drummer and I did the first time we met. We jammed then the next time I was over his house, I said "I've been working on this song." From there it was all great between me and him.
I'm in the exact same situation! 'cept I'm 15 and he's 14 (but I'm short :P)
I've tried callin it jammin, but then whenever I bring in a song, he's like "that's wussy" and goes crazy loud on his drums (metal head, I know right?)
We practise lunch times at school, 'cause I've made friends with the music teacher (they gave me chocolate today! yay!) so we get lots of time! He just doesn't pay any attention to me or input anything in the songs I write.. its just "thats wussy"
He's the one with the yr 7 girlfriend :P
Mdwallin...your drummer isn't interested basically. Unless you want to change what you are playing to what he likes there ain't any point carrying on with him because you'll never progress (and I assume that is what you want to do).

Istoleyocar...you need to make your drummer interested in practise otherwise you need to find somebody else. It sounds like this is basically your band so pull your finger out and work to make your drummer feel like that it isn't any hassle. Like in previous posts maybe arrange to practise at his or somewhere that already has a kit. You provide the transport if needs be i.e. a sympathetic parent with a car or even a taxi; although being 14 i don't know how much money you have availiable. Then make him feel like he is important (obviously a drummer is) and try to get some other members (bassist/2nd guitartist etc) as that might make him think he is missing something and he'll kick himself up the arse. Whatever you do though, don't brown nose him to the point his ego blows right out of proportion.

Basically...just take control. It's always worked for me.