Does anyone have any exercises they could bestow upon me for improving my dexterity in my fingers. the joints in my left hand aren't fast enough to ever improve my ability in soloing.
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I actually have one of those...

do they help???
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Just tapping your fingers on a hard surface for a while can help too.
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i'm almost ashamed to say this...but seriously this does help not in dexterity maybe ,but endurence it does help.

but nah you want dexterity traiing...tap your fingers in pre decided patterns on a set of buttons laid out infront of you...my "dexterity board" has letters on the front and my preset patterns are the words i'm typing.
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something like this?

those things **** up your fingers, i can't straighten some of my fingers with out the last section of my fingers going downwards and im pretty sure at least some of it is due to the use of that device. i didn't even use it that often.

but i have a friend that uses the highest resistence version of those and his fingers are more screwed than mine
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Rolling a coin on your fingers helps coordination, looks pretty sweet aswell.

Basically anything that gets you fingers working, as mentioned above go 'Finger Bang' your girl.
Some things that have helped me gain more dexterity and stamina in my fingers are trills. like 1,2,1,2,1,3,1,3,1,4,1,4 -- 2,3,2,3,2,4,2,4....etc.

I also like to play a backing track or some kind of rhythm and just do pull-offs and hammer-ons. I will play some finger patterns using a steady stream of fast notes....I try to do at least one minute without stopping. Once your endurance builds up try for two minutes without stopping. I don't usually push myself too far past finger exhaustion, when they stop hitting the notes cleanly and evenly....take a few seconds, and relax, then start again.