Hi guys, sorry if this seems like a dumb question, but I'm a complete newbie to customizing guitars in any way.

Anyway I have a Mexican Strat, I bought it used and it came with some pickups the guy that owned it before me put on it. These pickups are black, but I would prefer to have white pickups, so could I just get some white pickup covers and put those on it? One more thing, how do you put on the covers? How much do you have to disassemble the guitar?

Also the guy couldn't remember what kind of pickups they are, does someone here know what they are?

Here are the pickup covers:

Below is a picture of the guitar.
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id say to be safe, at least take the pickguard off and unscrew the pickups. being no expert, idk, it could be as simple as just popping them on when the strings are off.
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they're 12 string pups.

i don't even know where you get 12 string pup covers
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You just take off the pickguard and unscrew the pups. Then take off the covers and put new ones on.

Those are for 12 strings, though. WTF 12 string pups are doing on a 6 string guitar, I'll never know.

No clue where to get 12 string pup covers. The ones in the link won't work. They are only for 6 string pups.

It looks great as-is, though, imho.
Yeah, I'm not sure what the 12 string pups are doing on it, but once again, thats just how I bought it. It sounds pretty nice though, would the 12 string pups effect the sound at all?
93' Mexican Stratocaster

LTD Viper-50 --- Active EMG's

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Well, technically, the tone is more balanced b/c of the many pole pieces spaced so closely. While bending stirngs, the 'volume loss' of the string moving away from a single pole piece (i.e. on a regular pup) is eliminated with the 12 string pup.

I say just keep it as-is... Plus, if you ever get/build a 12 string, that's one less thing you'd need to buy...