I just got the Boss ME-20 guitar pedal and i have figured out most of the buttons, but i can't figure this one out. There are two effects for the foot pedal on the right side, volume control and wah pedal. When you turn it on, it is the volume pedal, but i don't know how to change it to the wah feature. All the manual says is "Firmly depressing the front end of the pedal switches WAH ON/OFF" I have tried this forever, I have put my whole weight on the thing. It doesn't turn on (it has a light that indicates if it is on or not). I know it works because some of the presets have the wah feature on it and it works great. I just want to know how to turn it on manually.
so it seems happy, but for this function, it will need to be depressed...

yeah thats all i can help with for now, are you sure its not on a preset or something thatd would be prohibiting it from wah-ing?
What do you mean by depressed? I am 100% sure i am in manual mode NOT preset mode.
Lots of pressure to the front of the pedal, I had that problem with mine, but then I worked it out, and it sounds pretty sweet.

Yes, pressure to the front, theres some kind of pressure pad i think
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