i know its long and all that but i would just like to know what you guys think of:
1. his gear
2. if its appropriate (for the music he plays)
3. if what i told him is right
thanks you guys
other thing, he plays in an indie/pop/rock band sort of think here's the link
but he definitely dabbles in some classic/hard/punk rock tones, hence the massive amount of pedals
some stuff ignore and all that
the stuff thats in normal print is stuff he originally wrote, the bold is me giving him a review to which he was asking on
(his former gear constists of a epi les paul standard, mg 250, a rebuilt no name telecaster very cool, and the pedals he mentions he owns)

Amp: Hot Rod Deluxe (will get within a week) nice choice, will suit you well
Guitars: Les Paul, Telecaster all set there, maybe some pickup replacements down the road if you feel up to it?
Pedalboard: Homemade 2 rows, the 2nd row will be raised up. that will be cool as hell
Pedals: Ernie ball VP JR, Boss Tu-2, Boss Tr-2, Small Clone, V-tone distortion/drive, Phase 90 (I have all these already) these are all pretty well set, although the v tone is a little iffy, you'll find it has as much gain as the hot rod in the end, and you'll probably like that more, but you might be able to use it as an overdrive , if you can't find anything for it than its probably worth keeping
Pedals to get:
Boss Rc-2 idk dude, its HELLA expensive, and the uses are very little so think it over hard etc.
Boss DD-(probably 5 I need it to have tap tempo but also be cheap so I think I'll get the dd-5 but maybe 6)well my view is that if you need tap tempo, and if the 5 doesn't (i'm not sure) than the 6 or 7 are the best options, although the 6 is a rip off because the general consensus is that 7 is a lot better and newer etc. and their right around the same price
plus you could use the looping on the 7 instead of the rc-2
Boss Ge-7 don't you know better than to go to boss? lol
sorry man but there's better ones, danelectro fish and chips is like 30 bucks, it works though, the best i've heard are the mxr 6 and 10 bands, up to 70-100 bucks, but their better than the boss

Wah (of some sort) hot topic here, if you're going like clean sounds, reggae, some lower blusey/classic rock gain, than its not that hard, but if you're looking for like a high gain kirk hammett sound as well as the other's than its pretty hard
i'm thinking the vox v487a wah, its one of the best for low gain cleans sounds listen to this from ug's ultimate wah thread
V847(A) - hendriko & Gabel
i own this wah and can only say good things about it. it's well suited for classic rock/blues/funk type of music that doesn't involve lots of gain. clean, this wah it heaven. you can get from hendrix' voodoo child/still raining still dreaming sound to claptons cream sound to frusciantes funky wah riffs. all in all, i'd say this is THE wah to get if you want a nice, clean wah sound.DOESN'T handle high gain well!! the updated version (the v847a) comes with a newly designed inductor, new buffer (supposed to be better - can't comment on that) and an ac jack which the v847 doesn't have.
Sucks alot of treble and i recommend a true bypass mod. This will though make it lose alot of it's vocals qualities and make it sound very dull, but change out the 33k resistor in parallel with the inductor to a 68k or a 100k (i have a 100k and it gives it more sweep) and you'll have the same nice vocal qualities.
About the v847A - it's voiced pretty similiar to the original, except it has a tad smaller sweep range. it's new buffer improved it's treble loss, but not entirely. some true-bypass modding could still be done.
- Price: $100
(gabel, guy who wrote this knows what he's talking about here too btw )

Possibly a tube screamer or something
well if you can't get you're v tone too work than i say a ts-9 or ts-808, depending on price, and modern vs. vintage
if you don't want coloration than fulltone ocd's are kickass too
well there you go man
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^Hey nice to see that you used my review there dude! The V847 is very good IMO
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^Hey nice to see that you used my review there dude! The V847 is very good IMO

ahah no problem
he was asking about wahs (probably the most commonly asked about pedal besides distortion) and i used to have them covered but i forgot about them a bit
so i went over to the ultimate wah thread, remembered how people always loved their vox's for everything but high gain (just like what my friend needs) and stole that little review
thanks for giving input on that and everything else in general, i saw your review of the orange 30
nice job, looks like a pretty cool amp
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right Metallica is a given. Personally I like to pretend the bus exploded and killed them all in '86.