Hi, I'm new to these forums, but i visit the site a lot and i wanted to hear from some people who know a bit about Acoustics. I recently got a Fender Stratacoustic from my Uncle for free. I like it, and it sounds great cause he got it back in like 03-04 i think? But i brought it to school, and one of my friends thought it was a fake acoustic because of how thin it is, and that it wasn't that great. I love it, especially because it's my first guitar ever. The only problems i have with it is that the strings are pretty high off the fret board, and i have to push them down harder, and it isn't as loud as regular acoustics. It's not the Deluxe one with Sunburst. Just plain black. Other than that, I love playing the guitar, and I'm looking forward to learning to play better, and maybe once I'm good with acoustic moving on to electric? I just wanted to know what everyone else thinks of the Stratacoustic, and if i should stick with it, or buy a new one. Any comments?
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First off, welcome to UG!

As for your stratacoustic... no, it's probably not the best guitar. But to be honest, it doesn't really matter. As long as you like it then that's all that matters. Unless the action(string height) is too high to play, I would just keep it. It'll help build finger strength. Thin acoustic guitars tend to be quieter and not sound as good, but since you're just using this as a learning guitar, it doesn't matter all that much.

So yea... your stratacoustic serves it's purpose as a leaning guitar just fine. You don't really need to buy a new one yet.
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yea it'll do as a good beginner guitar...but make sure that you want to play seriously before you invest in a new one.
It's kind of expensive, last time i remember (700$?)

We used to have one in the store i worked at before, and I tried it out for kicks. I remember loving the neck because it felt easy to play, like an electric guitar, but it didn't have much volume and didn't have much high/low balance.

For it's price you can get something much better.
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Quote by bluezombie
It's kind of expensive, last time i remember (700$?)

i remember it being around 300ish

but i could be wrong
maybe im thinking of the squier