Depends on what you want to use it for.

You won't find any Sibelius files on this website, all the tabs on here are either standard, ptb or gp format.

If you mean for writing down music, Sibelius is better for orchestras, or any form of music that uses more than guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

Guitar Pro is good for writing down rock music, sometimes jazz & blues but when it comes to writing proper scores then it is useless.

Edit: So if you plan to go write rock music, then definately (IMO) go for Guitar Pro. If you want to write for alot of instruments, and print it out for use, then Sibelius is your best choice.
Guitar Pro works with sheet music as well as tabs.
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Like Regression said, Sibelius is more an orchestral instrument tool. I believe some of the pay tab sites use a form of Sibelius but if you just want to learn guitar songs you would be better off getting Guitar Pro.
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Sibelius is more an orchestral instrument tool

But Sibelius G7 is more of a guitar tool.
It's pretty similar to Guitar Pro, you have the tab, notation, the guitar fretboard at the bottom, but with the usual Sibelius controls.

Out of the two, I do prefer Guitar Pro, it has the features you will need, plus it's like a third of the price.
we use sibelius in my composing music with technology and it sucks IMO. i have guitar pro and it is SOOO much better
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