I am considering trading my Fat Strat,the pups are a couple months old but like new,it's in great shape,just had pro set up when the pups were put in. It is set up with hybrid EB's. Sounds very nice but I'm getting use to my Swede so I thought I would see what's offered. It has a couple minor dings no where important, it's in nice shape & plays as it should.
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I do not have the gig bag anymore,sent in another trade along with the trem arm pic'd. Monday I bought a "Fender" trem arm though. I have 1100+ positives on eBay,trades here & HC so no worries on my end,thx & offer up

Just a value note,I traded a new G400 for this & spent $250 on set-up pups so offer fair,I'm in no rush but if you have something I may consider,thx
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