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ESP Guitars
6 23%
Schecter Guitars
2 8%
Ibanez Guitars
3 12%
Dean Guitars
2 8%
Jackson Guitars
7 27%
Epiphone Guitars
2 8%
B.C. Rich Guitars
0 0%
Paul Reed Smith Guitars
2 8%
Other (Please Specify!)
2 8%
Voters: 26.
So guys, the search is not working well for me.

So with that said, what is you're favorite brand of metal/hard rock style of guitars, from top to bottom.

This is information I plan on using for the music shop that I work at, so any input is greatly appreciated. This can have influence on what brands we try to carry or stay away from, so you're input is VERY important, and please let me know what you're favorites are. It is not necessary to hate on brands, just pick you're favorites.
Carvin (80's ftw)
^Note: Probably sarcastic
Schecter Blackjack C1-FR
Few Agile 8-strings
Ormsby Hypemachine 2014 otw!!

Carvin X-100B
axe-fx II

W.A musicians FTW
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ah sorry for not listing carvins.

it's mad tough to carry them in stores, so I didn't even consider it. They are beauts.
Jackson. ESP is a close second.

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Gibson is out of the question for what im looking for. It's not a "Best ever" as much as "Best out of these." If the price was out of the question there'd be hundreds of brands.
I like ESP, Jackson, and Dean, yet I voted for Epiphone because no one else will.
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UG Hatecrew FTW
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Theyre all good depending on what your looking for soundwise, budgetwise etc....

thread = Phail

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