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my parents are buying me either a dodge charger or a dodge nitro for my 15th birthday... my sister tells me their debating on this cars and that she can strongly infulence the result.

BTW i live in mexico so gas =/= expensive
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Charger, nitro looks stupid.
Hey look, a stoner/doom album.

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I don't know if I believe this at all, but I'll play along and say Charger. Nitros look ridiculous.

That's a fucking great 15th birthday gift. But yeah, Chargers are the shit.
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man theres something im not liking bout the charger so i mught go nitro.... or caliber

anyways im gratefull for what i have. ive travelled to poor mexican communities and god.
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Charger... no need to think about it
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charger, if you get the choice, 1 of the older ones, the newer ones don't look as good :/

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i personally am a charger fan.

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nice birthday present
Pull my finger

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can you drive in mexico at 15?

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American cars are sh*te. No discussion. Do what UG Squirrel says, buy European, or forget a car and buy a sh*t load of gear. Simple!

Although to be honest, i'd jump at the offer of a car for any b'day, and the charger does look cool, i'll admit. Of the two, choose that one.
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