Alright so here's the rundown. I own the Epiphone LP Custom in alpine white. I've been thinking about trading it in b/c the neck feels sort of weird to me, and before I packed it up, I played it again and started having second thoughts. I was also at guitar center and played the PRS SE guitars I listed in the title. I liked the neck of the Paul Allender, but the sound was practically the same as the SE custom, just a little bit clearer. What should I do?? Should I just upgrade my epiphone, or get the PRS PA since it'll retain it's value and it's supposedly a great guitar for the value, or get the PRS SE Custom and upgrade it to make it sound better than the PA? Haha something just felt right about that PRS SE Custom, the way it felt, the way it played, the looks (flamed bluish teal color) ... I guess I just made my decision huh..?

edit: oh yeah, I like (or rather id' like) to play a wide range of music from blues and funk to hard rock. And sll three are pretty versatile too..
I played the SE Custom and the Epiphone LP Custom in white. I personally prefered the SE as I found that the Epi was too heavy and not as comfortable. I actually prefered the SE Singlecuts over both of those models though.
Yeah I heard the singlecuts sounded waaaaaay better than the customs. But I didn't even bother playing the singlecuts b/c It looked like the epiphone which I also found uncomfortable. It's one reason why I was thinking about trading it in.
The Singlecuts are actually way differen than Epis. The body is slimmer, and has a body contour for comfort, and is much lighter.
I'll definately have to check it out. Is the Paul Allender SE really worth the extra $50, or am I just paying for a name?
I'd get the PA. Looks way cooler than the standard custom.
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