theres just something about the fall of troys music that seems so different and i was wondering if thomas erak was known for using a different scale or mode or something. or does he just use like the aeolian mode in unorthodox ways? i mean i know a lot of songs by them and stuff and some of the voicings of the chords and stuff seem so far from what i have seen before
Actually this is funny, because if you look at a lot of his leads and such, he is using a lot of straight major and minor scales.

His sound is so unique because he gets it from his fingers and especially just the intervals and the way he moves around the fretboard. He doesn't play a lot of fluid lead lines like most guys. He has a lot of open strings, hammer ons, and legato parts.

I would suggest just learning their stuff and analyzing it. That seems to be the best solution when you want to figure out someones sound or style.
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I wanna know what some blues sounding chords I could use in the key of D Aeolian fifth mode of Melodic Minor.

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try looking for Cm, or any of those complicated jazz chords