Hey all, I've been playing regular guitar only since Christmas. It's an Epiphone SG-400. Anyway, I'm thinking of adding "bass guitar" to my library of... yeah. Anyway, what sort of bass do you guys think would suit the style of rock/metal (I like Beatles, right up to nowadays with Protest the Hero)?

I love the SG, it's got a good vibe about it, and I want something with a similar vibe (to kinda go alongside it). Not something hardcore like a Warlock, but not something too... pathetic. Price range is about $500-700 right now (canadian, if that matters). Thanks guys just any decent suggestion would be appreciated over here.
Oh shit. Right ha. I'll take my inquiries there then. Sorry about that (not being sarcastic, I mean it ha).
Wait whoa I'm already there.. Not used to these boards at all. lol.
with the same vibe as your SG you won't find anything worthwhile

Stay away from Epiphone basses
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