Goin down this lonely road I am so far from my home and I say
These times they are so rough I just wish I had someone to love
Grab my guitar pick and away drift to somewhere long gone
Dream of oceans blue and skys turning ablaze.... and i say
Someday I’ll find someone’s love and we drift far away.... far away
far away

Soon I will be gone ashes turned to dust
Will you remember me or will I drift far away… far away
far away
If only you could see inside of me you might be amazed
At just how great I could be…. and I say
I will prove you wrong you will see… so far away
It's a confusing text mate, please write abit about it in the beginning, like what it is, is it a short storie? a lyric? a poem? the only thing that helped was (instrumental) :P But we still dont know what kinda genre the song is. the text in itself was pretty good, but I have no idea where to put it, please elaborate mate!

would love it if you could read my text and give me some feedback