I have an acoustic and electric and the weather's starting to get colder now here. I normally keep both on a 3-way stand in my room on upper level, now I keep only the electric on the stand all the time and put the acoustic away in gig bag (with a sound hole humidifier thingy in it) every night.

I live in Toronto area of Canada and fall/winter gets pretty Arctic-like lol, so I want to be very careful and just asking what the proper procedure is. Also does the temperature really matter with an electric (I know it's very sensitive for acoustic)??

Thanks very much,
I don't think the temperature itself matters as much as quick changes in temperature, like going from 100 degrees during the day to below freezing at night. I'd probably keep both guitars in their cases during the winter, but I'm just paranoid like that
The neck of my SG is far more susceptable to weather changes than my Alvarez acoustic is. Anything more than about a 10% swing in humidity and I've got to re-tune alot, sometimes upwards of a semitone, and it can go either way, sharp or flat. The acoustic is rarely any more than a few cents off at any given time, and usually is so close I just don't bother with retuning, just check and play.
So electrics can be more apt to go out of whack from changes in temp/humidity. Depends on the build of the guitar, quality of wood, how the wood was seasoned and for how long.
What you want to shoot for is to keep the atmosphere that the guitars are stored in as constant as possible, that being about 70degrees F(21C) and about 45% rH(relative humidity). If you can do this to a room like a bedroom, then keep the guitars out on display all you want. If that's not feasible, then you'll need to get that from the cases.
Try to avoid sudden changes in temperature like from a nice warm house to a below zero car in the middle of winter. Warm the car up first, then with guitar in case, make a mad dash to get the guitar into the warmed up car. Just don't trip and fall on the way! lol
You shouldn't worry about temperature that much unless its a drastic change from hot to cold for vice versa. Just leave it in a case when your not playing and that should do. Humidity is the thing you need to worry about.
^ You need to be concerned with the temperature because humidity is directly related to it. It's why it's called "relative humidity". The amount of moisture the air can hold is relative to the temperature of the air. Cold air cannot hold as much water droplets as warm air can. This is the reason the standard of 70 degrees F and 45% rH are both given. At that temp. the air can hold 45% rH very easily. If it were 40 degrees, the air wouldn't be able to hold that amount of water as readily, so you'd have to pump gallon after gallon into the air just to maintain it.
Thanks a lot guys. We have turned the heat on and it is keeping the house pretty warm, and I am leaving both guitars out during the day and putting them in the cases overnight. Is having that little sound hole humidifier sufficient for the acoustic?? I refill it with filtered water every couple days.

^^ My electric. It says "silver-leaf maple" for the wood, so I'm not sure how much I need to worry about it??
Yep, you should be good to go. If in doubt, just get a little hygrometer(humidity meter) from Wal-Mart or similar.