i've got an american deluxe strat that has recently been having some issues. it all started when i went to california for 3 months and left the guitar behind sitting in the case. when i got back i started playing it and it didn't quite feel right so i decided to adjust it a bit. since i play with 10's i needed to to lower the trem block a little (no problem), raise the saddles a bit (no problem), and adjust the truss rod a bit. when i tried to turn the truss rod i noticed it took a little bit too much effort, so i stopped. as of right now the neck isn't bowed enough and it has a case of fret rattles, which i know must be due to the truss rod because i play with pretty high action. so, my question is: what should i do about the siezed truss rod? i bought it at guitar center about 5 months ago and still have all my paperwork and stuff, so should i bring it to them? i've hesitated mainly because i've never heard a good thing about guitar centers guitar service. so, what should i do?

tl:dr: my truss rod is f*cked