That would be my title.

Today i was scrolling through my old word documents when i came across this poem that i didnt recongize. I thought that i might have copy and pasted the lyrics to a song but i googled them and nothing came up.

I am no stranger to drugs so i could have written while intoxicated and just dont remember it. I have 0% recollection of writing this but ill assume its mine. Im guessing its not finished so if its any good which i think it is ill expand on it

EDIT: After seeing all my typos im pretty sure that i wrot this while on a wicked DXM trip. Thats only drug other than alcohol that makes type so poorly.

take me by your side
i promise ill not way
i promise i will keep
all there is to need
i am here without my fate
its fallen amongst the fog
swirling down a crystal log
falling down a dusty cloud
right down the crooked fate
take me on the way
to the lost map of yesterday
so if i cross the sea to become them
and you may not recongize
id be dacning on the sea
that might have been destiny
mystery awaits
behind visions gates
i promise i will not abandon you
in your our of peril
there shouldnt be a word
that doesnt stop down the crowd
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