Hey Guys,

I own 2 ovation legends... I have an old ovation legend case that came with my 1117-4 (which is for sale, PM for details or check my other thread)...

The case is worn, its been well used over the years and for the past 2 years its sat in a closet...

The plastic on it is brittle, there are multiple cracks and a few places that need some sort of filler.

Its still a great hardcase and I'd like to fix it up and use it as my road case with my 1717.

I was wondering if anyone has had expertise fixing up these old ovation cases and could point me in a direction of what glue to use etc.


Sorry thatracer. Obviously there is no one here on line with the specific knowledge you need.
Maybe you can google around a bit to search for Repairing Plastics in general. I don't know anything specific about Ovation cases. Other hard cases that I've seen (including the Just in Case case I have for my bass) are of the same stuff a firm called Krauser uses to make motorcycle hard trunks. Here's a web page on repairing these.
Hope it'll bring you any further.
Good luck.
well it would look like ass but bondo fixes just about everything. i have an ovation case and if yours is anything like mine theres little ridges and such molded into the plastic. my ovation is from 76. now you could attempt to paint the case again after taping it, but sanding the thing wouldnt work cause of the ridges. well it could work but be a pain. bondo will fix it, then find some spray paint to match the case i guess.
thanks guys for your reply. I didn't think of bondo... The case is pretty rough already... I think I'm going to tape it bondo it or glue it sand it and flat black it...

appreciate the replies!