i got 3 new tracks on profile titled: on the black magic, hydro and and chill fire.
any feedback is welcome!!
this is just me messing around trying out something different.

all tracks recoreded with sonar 7 producer edition, fruty loops home studio and a alesis intros performance pad drum machine

leave links for C4C.
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black magic - not digging the dance-beat drum style that much with the slow guitar riff... a more normal drum style might be better here. The riff itself and the tone on the guitar are cool, I like it. The little synth/piano or whatever it is coming in around 1:30 sounds pretty good - good job. This part kind of drags a bit tho with the single guitar strums, I would shorten it unless you intend to place vocals over it in which case I could see it being awesome.

Chill fire - interesting effect with the clipped drums, i like it. Again tho it kind of seems to drag without a lead part of some sorts... just a bit too much time spent on what amounts to a rhythm pattern. Once the guitar cuts in after 1min it picks up again - don't like the guitar volume going up and down though, its distracting.

What drum program do you use? You're able to get some pretty neat sounds out of it. I'd say all of your tracks sound real professional and well-done, but the leads tend to feel missing... I dunno if you intend to get vocals put overtop but it feels like there should be something more to go with what you've put together.

C4C? http://ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=16536917#post16536917
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